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Premature Baby Milestone Cards NICU Testimonial Review

“I discovered Miracle Mumma milestone cards when my first daughter was born early. They gave me something to look forward to during a time of uncertainty and were such a great way to recognise and document the achievements of these tiny humans beating all the odds. It’s such a blur now, but I can look back with these cards and I remember the exact moment and how it felt. 

I am so grateful for not only finding Miracle Mumma milestone cards for my own journey, but also for finding a group of such strong and understanding people who really do make a community.” - Jen

 Premature Baby Milestone Cards NICU Testimonial Review

"Noah raced into this world 7 weeks early and unfortunately due to enduring my own complications I didn't see Noah again until almost 3 days later. The amazing milestone cards from Miracle Mumma meant that my partner could document all the milestones I was missing whilst in ICU and also meant we could keep a record of all the amazing things our tiny guy was achieving.

Thank you Amy and miracle mumma for all you have done not only for us but the rest of the premie and special needs community. You'll always have a special place in our lives xx" - Jaimi

 Premature Baby Milestone Cards NICU Testimonial Review

"These milestone cards bought tears to our eyes when they arrived. They took pride of place on my daughter's shelf in the NICU as we eagerly awaited to use each one. We always celebrated when we were able to pull a card out and use it! They have helped us create such wonderful memories amidst the bumpy road of the NICU journey. These beautifully illustrated cards helped us remember what an amazing fighter our little girl is and the battles she has triumphed. I could not recommended them more highly to any other parents starting their scary journey through the NICU!" - Jess