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Premature Baby Micro-Prem Micropremmie Twins NICU Milestone Cards
Premature Baby Micro-Prem Micropremmie Twins NICU Milestone Cards

'We've Arrived' (Twins) Micro-Prem Extras

Miracle Mumma
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Gender neutral Micro-Prem 'extras' pack suitable for twins born before 28 weeks. These milestone cards include those 'small but mighty' leaps unique to micro-prems in those fragile first few weeks. Also suitable for sick babies who spend time in NICU. Add these to our original 'Premature Baby Milestone Cards' to complete your set.

The perfect way to capture, celebrate and remember every precious moment and unique milestone your babies reach during their journey from hospital to home.
Each card has space on the back to document the details of each twins milestone.

- Pack of 8 'extra' milestone cards suitable for micro-prems
- Size 15x15cm
- Printed on 300gsm uncoated card (to minimise glare from photographs)
- Option of Express Post (delivery within 1-2 business days) to ensure you don't miss those early moments

Pack of 8 includes:
1 x I'm bubble wrap free
1 x I came off the ventilator today
1 x Today I tried caffeine for the first time
1 x I came off HFV today
1 x I beat my first infection
1 x I got my umbilical lines out today
1 x I had my IV line removed today
1 x My hearts all closed up