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2016 - A New Year!

After an anxious month, I am actually feeling the best I have felt since falling pregnant – I have energy, a beautiful growing bump, and – most importantly – I can feel Baby Purls moving about many times throughout the day, almost to reassure me ‘Hey Mum, I’m fine!’ So I didn’t even feel worried going to my ‘second opinion’ ultrasound at the Women’s & Children’s Hospital this week. It’s almost as though I knew he was ok – I finally had that feeling of utter content. As I write this I can hear Scott heckling me saying ‘yeah but what about the 6 repetitive nightmares you had before the appointment!’ Pipe down, mate!

So if you have been following my blog, you would know I was referred to the specialists to determine if my bicornuate uterus was causing any growth complications for our little man. On Tuesday, at 24 weeks pregnant, a few lovely ladies confirmed what I already knew – Baby Purls is fighting fit and growing just as he should. The outstanding sonographer, who I have already sent a personal thank you to, confirmed that our boys’ measurements were all spot on and there is definitely no amniotic band. She reassured me that his head being a little ‘squished’ against my septum is completely normal for breech babies, especially in a bicornuate uterus. She didn’t even see it as a big enough concern to worry me about in the first place, and was slightly mortified by the scary report from our 20-week ultrasound.

The 30-minute scan was pure ear-to-ear smiling bliss. I took my amazing mother in law, Joy, along as support, and we were blown away by the detail – he really is a little man now! We got to see his kidneys and bladder, and again heard his strong heartbeat. He still has plenty of fluid surrounding him, and the blood flow through his umbilical cord is perfect. I again learnt things about him I hadn’t yet known, and the sonographer confirmed that his head, body and bum were in the right side of my uterus, while his legs and feet were stretched around into the left. My favourite part was a view she showed us from the top of my uterus – you could see the top of bubs’ head on the right, my uterus septum down the middle, and the bottom of his feet on the left. It was so moving to see that my strange anatomy had created something so uniquely beautiful, and is an image that will forever make my heart melt. I haven’t been able to get a copy of this picture, but the image below can give you some idea of what it all looks like inside (courtesy of Women’s & Children’s Ultrasound)!

Baby Ultrasound Septate Bicornuate Uterus

After the ultrasound, an obstetrician reiterated what the sonographer had told us. She also said there is still a possibility that bubs will flip somehow to go head down (don’t ask me how – he seems pretty content chilling out exactly as he has been the last 12 weeks; and unless he’s a future acrobat, it seems impossible with a big septum separating the two halves of his body!) The Women’s and Children’s want to see me again for a growth scan in my third trimester when space really becomes an issue, but are otherwise happy for my care to continue with Dr Klomp. Fingers crossed we can push him to 37 weeks and deliver at Mt Barker – all my hopes for this have been restored!

In the meantime, my adorable bridesmaids and mother(s) have been preparing my baby shower, and I have been planning maternity leave! Scott and I have been working hard to get our nursery ready whilst keeping Adairs in business! I cannot wait to share a blog on this in the near future – I have put my heart and soul into making this the perfect space for our miracle man, and trust me, it’s freaking adorable! Life is moving along so quickly, and I can already tell that 2016 is going to be one of the best yet – I mean, what a remarkable start we have had!

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