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Felicity fights brain cancer

Flic is a 32-year-old Mum of 5 and she has brain cancer.

About a month ago, I had a beautiful Mum message me telling me the story of her friend who was being flown down from NT to deliver her baby at 33 weeks as they had just found she has a 5.5cm brain tumour. She would need to deliver bubs early before preparing for neurosurgery to have the tumour debulked. My heart broke into a thousand pieces for this family, and I have been praying for them ever since. Just days ago I had an update on their story shared to me via their Go Fund Me page.

“Jesse Grahame Plew was born on May 24th at 33+5 weeks gestation.  He was 2.530kg and the little fighter is thriving in the special care nursery where he will remain for some weeks.”

Premature Baby Milestone CardsPremature Baby

“Felicity had her neurosurgery on June 7th and doctors drained the fluid from the tumour and were able to remove 80% of the tumour itself.  MRI scans just prior to surgery show that it had grown to 7cm, a 1.5cm increase in 2 weeks. The remaining 20% cannot be removed without affecting Flic's quality of life.

Biopsy results came back on Wednesday 14th June and doctors told Felicity & Simon that she has Brain Cancer.  Flic's cancer is called a Glioblastoma, the most agressive cancer that forms within the brain.  It's Stage 4.  Raditation and chemotherapy will start over the next couple of weeks.

There is no cure for Brain Cancer.”

Brain Cancer

know I share a lot of upsetting stories which make our hearts extremely heavy, but this is real life. This beautiful family didn’t choose this. The world is cruel sometimes, and it is something we can’t ignore. But we can raise awareness. We can create a community of love and support around this family to help them through. We can donate our spare change to lessen the burden. Even if it’s just a like, a comment or a share…you are making a small difference. You are creating a village. Together we can help this family fight their absolute hardest, one day at a time. 

If you are able to donate, please head to this link:

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