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Meet the Team - Emma & her Two Miracles Hazel & Willow

Our Miracle Mumma Team has now raised $40,000!! Yep you read that right! 😯😍👏

A huge contributor to that amount - and our teams leading fundraiser with almost $3,500 raised - is Emma 💜

Emma's two daughters Hazel & Willow were both born prematurely and began life in an Adelaide neonatal unit.

“Hazel was born at 34 weeks due to rapid onset placation abruption with no warnings . I live 6 hours away from Adelaide so was flown by RFDS and had an emergency c-section. Hazel was quite well for her gestation and only spent a month in the neonatal unit. She spent her first week in a humidicrib and had low flow oxygen for a short amount of time. Hazel was discharged with a feeding tube but shortly after had it removed.”

Emma’s second daughter Willow was born significantly earlier at 28 weeks. Emma says, “After consistent bleeding from 12 weeks and a few threatened miscarriages I again had placental abruption and was flown from Kimba. Willow spent 70 days mostly in the NICU. She was intubated and extubated multiple times, had CPAP, high flow, low flow, phototherapy - the works! For the first few weeks she was quite touch and go and really struggled with breathing.
Willow spent alot of time in a humidicrib where we were able to hold her little hand whilst she stayed warm, safe and alive. These were the scariest weeks of our lives not knowing the outcome of our girl. We will be forever thankful that we made it to where we are today - we are still adjusting and managing the forever confusing concept of having an extremely premature babe but know we are SO BLESSED!"

Willow is just 6 months old yet Emma has signed up to run the 42km in a DAY! She has been out in her local community sourcing prizes for a raffle and selling tickets, while also training hard with a dodgy knee! Emma has so much passion for this cause and her determination is inspiring.

Follow the link below to donate and give premature babies like Hazel & Willow the best chance of survival:


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