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The Diary of a Premature Baby – Part 3

...continued from The Diary of a Premature Baby - Part 2

Week Two (25th February – 2nd March 2016):

This week my home was moved to SCBU2 which is apparently the last stop until I leave with Mummy and Daddy. I like it here because I’m getting longer cuddles. Being a good boy is working and I’m getting stronger every day. This room is very busy and noisy, there’s lots of babies who are much bigger than me and make loud noises until the nurses give them attention. Their boxes don’t have lids. I wonder if I will get a new home like them one day.

For now, I have to keep warm in my box and keep my heart rate and oxygen levels up so the cords can come off. The monitor still alarms every now and then and I feel really bad because I know it makes Mummy and Daddy scared and I’m trying to be a good boy. But sometimes I get tired and need a bit of a break. I have stopped having continuous food and I’m now having 24mls every two hours – my tummy is so stretched and full but it’s not as sore anymore and I’m trying real hard not to let any milk escape back out. I put on a total of 120g this week and now weigh 1660g.

Mummy and Daddy looked really nice one day and said they were going to Aunty Tenille & Uncle Phil’s wedding. They seemed sad when they left because this was the first time they had done something ‘normal’ since I came, and it would be the longest they had been away from me so far. I tried to tell them not to worry, it was my silly fault for coming early and I was in the safest place. I was happy that they were having some time away from this big noisy room, it can get really draining. I tried to make them feel better by copying their smile face, and Daddy did it back, it was such a happy time! They told me it was a ‘wind smirk’ but I know better. The nurse told me that Mummy called lots while they were away and it made me happy. I hope they had fun.

Premature Baby Smile

What else happened this week…it’s hard to remember. Oh I know! I started getting this funny feeling deep in my tummy when it gets empty. I sometimes open my eyes and look around and get a bit squirmy when this happens. The nurses told me I’m getting hungry, and they put the rubber thing in my mouth to suck – they are still trying to trick me! They were excited about this and told Mum I was ‘demanding’, but I’m confused because that sounds like I’m being rude. I don’t mean to be. But it sure does feel cosy when I get Mummy’s milk. I also had lots of time laying on my tummy and it’s so comfy, my favourite spot.

I’ve had lots of visitors – I like this time because I get to learn new words. I like to hear people talking around me. It gets exhausting but it makes me feel loved. Mummy and Daddy have started reading me books which is why I am so clever now – did you notice I’m using big words? Oh, I also lost my umbilical (see, big word) stump this week. Apparently I have a cute belly button, but I don’t really think belly buttons can be ‘cute’. The nurses say I’m their easy baby because Mum and Dad are always here and do everything for me – I’m so lucky!

On my 2-week birthday, a nice lady came and gave me something they call a ‘peanut pillow’. She said I have a funny shaped head which I thought was a bit mean but also true – it did get snug on the inside. I’m not really sure about this pillow because I feel a bit squished, but it does block out all the noisy babies! And I get to see Mummy and Daddy easier.  They fussed over me again today for a 2-week photo and I didn’t cooperate very much this time but I did make them laugh!

Premature Baby Two Weeks Old

That is all I can remember about the past week. Time is pretty slow in here overnight and I’m not sleeping as well because of all the noisy greedy babies. But the days go so fast when Mummy and Daddy are here. I just keep dreaming about one day going home with them and meeting my puppy brothers, and the troubles seem to drift away.


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