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The Diary of a Premature Baby – Part 4

...continued from The Diary of a Premature Baby - Part 3

Week Three (3rd March – 9th March 2016): 

Oh my gosh everyone, so much has happened this week and I’m just bursting to tell you all. I’m getting so much better at remembering it all. I can’t keep this news any longer…I was moved into a new home! A big boy box like all those other babies – one without a roof! It makes it so much easier to see, hear and touch everyone, and I’m allowed more cuddles now. I do get a bit cold sometimes though, and the lights are so bright. The monitor is still there and it’s really loud now when I’m naughty. But overall I am so so happy to get some fresh air. It helps that they moved me into a nice quiet room with just one other baby (who I think tries to talk to me but she just sounds like a sheep and I don’t really understand).

Premature Baby Open Cot

Guess what? I did it! I finally learnt how to pull that tickly tube out of my nose. But no matter how good I get at it, they keep putting it back in. They say I’m not strong enough to feed without it, and they were right. They stopped tricking me with the rubber thing to suck and let me try the real thing – mummy’s boobies. I love sucking and I even get that warm fuzzy milk feeling, but I get so tired so quickly. I have been trying once or twice every day and I’m getting better. Sometimes there’s so many people watching to make sure I’m doing it right and I get nervous. It’s not as easy as they said it would be on the inside! But I love getting burped because I open my eyes and Daddy looks at me and talks to me. And I love having long cuddles with Mummy afterwards on her boobies.

Premature Baby Breastfeeding

Daddy had to go back to work this week and it made Mummy and me sad. The days are longer now and I don’t get to listen to them talking as much anymore. Mummy comes down and sits next to my box without a roof all day and likes to read to me and do all my caring. Daddy comes after work and gives me cuddles and then they wash me. We have a good routine and I like knowing what’s coming next because I don’t get so scared. The worst time of the day is night time because they go home and I can’t go with them. When they leave I close my eyes real hard and have a big deep sleep so the next day comes quickly. I like the nurses overnight; they are a bit silly but they make me happy. 

It was Daddy’s 29th birthday this week. We had a party when he came after work and I got to give him my present – Star Wars Itty Bitty’s. Nanna had to go buy them for me but I told her what to get him (I was a bit sneaky because I really wanted them for my room at home!) I love Daddy so much and I can’t wait to play Star Wars with him next year when he turns a big old 30! Cuddles with him that day were extra special.

Premature Baby NICU Dad

I had the best time this week. I turned 3 weeks old and weighed 1820g (an increase of 160g). Dr Rad is so impressed with how ‘organised’ I am – I’m just being a good boy like he told me to be. He is so friendly and I like when he comes to visit each day, although he always messes my blankets up and puts this cold thing on my chest. He told Mum he’s making plans for my discharge and I don’t want to get too excited and burn calories but I can’t help it…this is probably the best news in the whole wide world!

Premature Baby Three Weeks Old


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