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Update: Our Journey to Baby #2 (Part Six)

For those of you who have just started following our journey, here's a few (ok a lot of!) key points to catch you up:

- We initially tried for 14 months on our own to make a baby. Yes, we were doing it right, and no we weren't 'trying too hard'! But I was having extremely irregular cycles (I'm talking anywhere from 6 weeks to 5 months, and continous guessing at ovulation) 
- We got help, and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility - basically my body didn't like to ovulate on it's own, thanks mate! 
- We started ovulation induction using clomid, and were lucky enough to conceive our first child on our second cycle, but there was no heartbeat at our early pregnancy scan. I was told I had a bicornuate (heart-shaped) uterus, but it didn't explain our miscarriage & shouldn't affect future pregnancies
- I had a D&C, and when I went back for an appt 6 weeks later, I was pregnant! I had somehow ovulated all on my own (who’s the grown up!?) 
- I bled throughout the pregnancy, but made it to 29 weeks and had an early baby shower 
- 4 days later I gave birth to our little miracle James William, weighing 1.5kg ❤
- James was born black & blue, and was quickly diagnosed with a rare life-threatening platelet disorder called Neonatal Alloimmune Thrombocytopaenia (NAIT). He required life-saving transfusions but thankfully didn't suffer from internal bleeding
- His NICU journey was otherwise uncomplicated & he came home after 5 weeks
- About a year later when we started considering baby #2, I looked further into my supposed bicornaute uterus & after receiving a message from another Mumma, decided to get a second opinion. This led us to Dr S, who did a hysteroscopy/laparoscopy & diagnosed me with a septate uterus (yes there's a huge difference!) Dr S attemped a resection of the septum at the same time, but it was unsuccessful - it was severe, almost to my cervix. My body doesn't do things by halves (except for my uterus ha!)
- A few months later (in November 2017) I had the same surgery which was successful this time. Dr S wanted to start us on clomid after my first period, but I wanted to give us a chance to try naturally (my periods had become somewhat regular since I stopped breastfeeding)

Which leads us to today. I have had a period and we are in our first cycle trying to conceive baby #2. But guess what? I'm on cycle day bloody 37, with no period and a negative pregnancy test. I was sure I'd ovulated around day 19, but nope. My body gave me ovulation pain & crazy mucous just to confuse me! Now who knows if I've even ovulated at all!

But today I realised I'm not at all keen on doing the infertility thing again. I'm not playing the constant questioning and waiting game and wasting months while my body dances to it's own fricken beat! So I called Dr S's office, and have booked in to chat about starting clomid. I honestly thought I was strong enough to try on our own & convinced myself we could do it naturally, but it's not worth it. It's now been a year since we decided we wanted another baby, and I'm ready for James to be a big brother. Like now!  

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